15.0" Museum Quality Lenses
Our lenses are manufactured one at a time in our own production facility.
Everything is produced by hand using the same processes and materials as originals.
Our colors and attention to detail are far superior to the mass-produced 15.0" lenses
you see so often in the gas pump restoration marketplace.
Our lenses are so close to the originals that we date each and every one
to avoid any confusion. You’ll love these lenses – we guarantee it!

Regular Production 15.0" Lenses ~ $200.00 / pair
See the Ordering Info Page for S&H

~ Any Image on this web site can be placed on a high-quality Tee-Shirt ~
Call for details.

These lenses are ONLY available in this size.

Click on the individual photos for a closer view and more information..


Gilmore Blu-Green GasolineGilmore Red LionHusky EthylHusky

Jenney Auto Oils GasolineJohnson Ethyl GasoleneKunz Gasoline

Tiwoser Gasoline15" Frosted Lens

~ Limited Edition 15.0" Lenses ~

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