Online Gallery of Gas Pumps, Lubesters, etc.
These pieces feature our Globes, Decals and Stainless Steel Trim
These items are . . .

--- "Not For Sale" ---


Wayne 60 - Norwalk StreamlineCustom Decals on Original Old TrucksRestored Lubester W/Two Custom Reproduction Decals

Jenney 15" lenses and decalsA-1 Pump W/SS Door Spears & VR TrimDayton 900 W/Ace High Lenses

Wayne 70 & Bowser 300

Wayne 70  W/Limited Edition Lenses and 'Polly Shield' Door Decals

Gilmore Westoil Lubester Decal

Wayne 866 Showcase with our Polly Ethyl lenses and custom Ad Glass panelsTokhiem 850 done with our 15" Kunz lenses and matching decals





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