High quality vinyl decals to complete a museum quality restoration.
All our decals are designed for indoor or outdoor use,
& they won't tear like a water-transfer decal.
They are extremely thin and can be 'cleared' over easily.
Custom sizing is available, as is personalized customizing.

We can also color-match to YOUR paint sample(s).


"These are the best decals I have ever used — Thanks again.
We will be doing a lot more business together" ~ Tom in California


PLEASE NOTE: All our decals are custom-printed when you order them.
This way we can make them ANY size you desire.
We DO NOT have any decals 'In Stock'.
Decals take about two (2) weeks from order to delivery.

Decals are filed under the lettering of the decal name - not the parent company.
i.e.: a 'Red Crown' decal will be filed under 'R' for Red Crown, not 'S' for Standard Oil.

Use our Toll Free Number: 866.546.4067 to order decals
~ Our Toll Free Number is for customers in the U.S. and Canada ~

~ Click here for Decal Installation Instructions ~





We also make CUSTOM decals.
So if you don't see what you want,
drop us an e-mail at T-ways@email.com with your request.



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