CAPCO Assembly Instructions
Please Note: These instructions are designed for the installation of 'Double-Strength' lenses into a Capco body. The instructions are specifically designed for our lenses.
If you have purchased lenses from another manufacturer - and they
are 'Single-Strength' glass - these instructions may not be applicable

You must also use ONLY 'Capcolite' marked bodies for our lenses.
Our lenses will not fit any plastic body that is NOT marked Capcolite.

Your CAPCO body consists of two colored plastic ‘halves’, two glass lenses and three bolts/nuts.

  1. Remove the plastic bags from the CAPCO halves and set aside.
  2. Assemble the CAPCO body by aligning the three bolt holes, inserting the bolts
    and starting them into the nuts.
    NOTE: Only assemble the bolts into the nuts until the bolt just starts to
    come out of the nut.
  3. Lay the body down on a folded towel. Crumple up the plastic bags the CAPCO
    body halves were shipped in and place them loosely into the body.
  4. Unwrap the lenses. Insert one lens into the body by tilting the lens. Let the lens lay
    on top of the plastic bags.
  5. Reach into the body thru the base opening, place your hand under the lens, and lift
    the lens up. Align the 9:00 notch in the lens with the corresponding 9:00 tab in the
    lens groove in the body. Keeping the left hand side of the lens aligned with the tab,
    move your hand to the right and force the lens up into the RH body halve. The lens
    should ‘pop’ into the groove. If you have trouble getting the lens to seat – slightly
    loosen the bottom/top bolt(s) until you can get the lens to seat.
  6. Carefully flip the body over and repeat Step 6 with the second lens.
  7. Tighten all three bolts until the gaps disappear between the body halves.
    Do not over-tighten!
  8. Remove the plastic bags.
  9. Install you new globe on you favorite pump!


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