Decal Installation Instructions

Start with a perfectly clean surface.
Your decal has a ‘Backing Paper’ on the back side and a ‘Carrier Paper’ on the front.
Leave these in place until instructed otherwise.
Decals can be applied ‘dry’ or ‘wet’.
Generally speaking, if the decal is not over-sized, a ‘dry’ installation is easiest.

1. Position the decal (as furnished) on the mounting area.
Center it left-and-right and make sure it is ‘square’ to the ‘ground’.

2.  Using a strip, or strips of masking tape, tape the decal in position along the top or one
edge forming a hinge. If the decal has flat sides, you can run a piece of tape along two
of the sides - on the mounting surface - as alignment aids.

3.  Fold the decal back against the hinge. Peel back about 1” of the backing paper from the edge next to the tape, exposing the adhesive. Fold the backing paper flat against the back of itself. DO NOT TOUCH THE ADHESIVE SURFACE OF THE DECAL!

4.  Carefully fold the decal back down against the mounting surface, making sure that everything aligns with the reference tape applied earlier. When you are happy with the placement of the decal, gently smooth the exposed portion of the decal to the mounting surface. Check again for correct alignment.

5.  When you are happy with the position of the decal, reach underneath and grab the flap of backing paper and – while gently rubbing the front surface of the decal with a soft cloth – slowly pull the remaining backing paper off the decal. You want to gently press the exposed adhesive as you remove the backing paper. When the backing paper is completely removed, use a stiff piece of material (a plastic ‘Bondo’ squeegee or credit card works well) and firmly burnish the decal to adhere the decal to the mounting surface.

6.  Let the decal ‘rest’ for about 15 minutes. Then slowly peel the ‘carrier paper’ off of the actual decal starting at one edge. Peel the paper back upon itself slowly until it is totally removed.

7.  Any small ‘bubbles’ that still remain can be worked out using the squeegee to move the bubbles towards the edges. Use the Backing Paper as a protection sheet between the squeegee and the decal surface to prevent scratching of the decal surface. Very small bubbles will go away on their own in a week or two. Any larger bubbles that can not be worked out to the edges can be pricked with an Exacto blade or the corner of a razor blade and the air worked out thru the resulting (very small) hole.


If you prefer to do a ‘wet’ installation, you may spray the mounting surface with a small amount of soapy water (two drops of dish soap per quart of water) or Windex (after Step #1). This will allow the decal to slide during installation as you work out the air and the solution from underneath. Remove the ENTIRE backing paper and apply the decal to a
fully wet surface.

This process requires that the mounting surface be horizontal and that the installed decal remain in the horizontal position for at least 24 hours BEFORE removing the Carrier Paper!



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